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With our knowledge and experience we will provide you with a safe service for your oil tank installation, after all, it is in our name!

As a registered OFTEC business, we are regularly audited by the Oil Firing Technical Association to ensure we are upholding their guidelines and practising industry safe standards.  Our OFTEC technician is able to self certify his work without having to involve Local Authority Building Control (LABC).  This means that in most cases you won't have to obtain a Building Control Notice or a costly inspection visit should you need a new oil tank or to move an existing one, thus saving you time and money.

If your oil tank is covered in your home insurance policy or you come to sell your home, you will require a Certificate of Compliance proving your tank installation has met current industry regulations.  Should you decide to use Oil Safety Services for this work, we provide you with all the relevant paperwork once your installation has been completed.  This not only ensures validity of your 10 year manufacturers tank warranty, it also ticks a box for your home insurance and should you decide to sell your home, one thing you won't need to be concerned with is your oil tank causing a sticking point for the sale.

If we have installed your tank, you would have already received your Certificate of Compliance in the post.  If you lose the paper copy, we can easily send you an electronic version at very short notice, so the sale of your home is not delayed.  The final bonus of using Oil Safety Services for your installation work is the 6 Year Workmanship Warranty, it is activated as soon as your tank is registered with OFTEC and can be transferred to the new owners of your home should you move out within the warranty period.

We pride ourselves on helping you come to the best solution, we like to share our knowledge with you so you know what to expect from whoever you choose to carry out your work.  Our priority is to ensure your safety and to help prevent any potential environmental risks from the event of an oil leak or spill.  We offer friendly advice on warning signs, what to do in the event of an oil leak and what should be covered in the annual inspection of your tank and its ancillary equipment.

We listen to our customers so we can come to an acceptable solution, we are here to problem solve for you and offer you available options within the industry standard scope.

Potential new home buyers who have had an oil tank flagged up on their home survey, can benefit from our Home Buyers OTE Assessment.  We visit the property (with the current owners consent) to carry out a thorough visual inspection of the oil tank and equipment, up to the boiler. Our findings are emailed within 48 hours and a costing of any remedial work required to bring the installation up to industry standards will also be included.  This can help with any negotations you may enter into when proceeding with the purchase of the property.

For independent advice for homeowners we suggest looking at the Oilsave Website who work alongside professional bodies within the Oil Heating Industry or check out the Government website for a simple guide of what you need to know.

  • OFTEC registered & audited business
  • Fully insured with comprehensive public liability cover
  • Part of the Competent Persons Scheme
  • Self certifying OFTEC qualified heating engineer
  • We register every tank installation with OFTEC who notify your Local Building Control.  Within 2 weeks of your completed tank installation you will receive a Certificate of Compliance and your 6 Year OFTEC Workmanship Warranty
  • Up to date with current industry safety standards
  • Impartial honest advice - your safety is our priority
  • We work alongside other local professionals, most of our business comes from referrals
  • We carry out all of the work ourselves, including any groundwork that may be required. We are fully insured and do not subcontract work out so you only have to deal with us
  • Don't worry if your existing tank does not meet current regulations (this is quite common!).  If it is still safe to use, we can carry out any work neccessary to bring your installation up to required regulations
  • We offer different brands of bunded oil tanks best suited to; your budget, site restrictions and your heating oil consumption all within current industry guidelines
  • Free site assessments and no obligation quotes valid for 30 days. A site visit is usually required to provide an accurate costing
  • Quotations usually sent within 48 hours 
  • Rapid response to emergency leaks & breakdowns
  • Outstanding customer reviews and feedback
  • All our customers receive our "fair treatment policy"

Helping to keep your oil safe

Low profile bunded 1200 litre oil tank
Wall strip foundations
Blockwork wall and base
Partially finished V1230 bunded tank
Completed install
60 minute bunded fire rated oil tank
Harlequin 1400 bunded
Intergrally bunded plastic oil tank
Bunded vertical 1230 oil tank
Bunded Oil tank H1550BT
SL1000 Tank Side
Plastic Bunded Oil Tank H1550BT
Plastic bunded oil tank
Bunded 2500 oil tank
Bunded oil tank


Here are just a few examples of oil tank installations undertaken by Oil Safety Services.  We carry out all the work ourselves including any groundwork & building work so you only have to deal with us.

Our OFTEC oil tank installer is a qualified heating engineer so you can feel confident that he will never leave you without your heating system working correctly.  We always pressure test oil pipelines for 15 minutes after every tank installation, we also start and check your boiler.

If you have an Aga or Rayburn we talk you through what is required prior to your tank move or installation, you can either re-start the appliance yourself or you may need to arrange for your Aga engineer to start it for you.

Our Team

As a small business we work closely with and support other local businesses.  If you require any other services, for example electrical work, plumbing, boiler installation or landscaping, we have a great network of people we are happy to recommend.


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