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We offer all services associated with your oil storage tank and ancillary equipment all to OFTEC industry standards

  • Oil tank replacement, tank moves & new installations
  • Tank removal & oil line capping
  • Emergency pump outs for leaking tanks or pipework
  • Supply & fit new oil lines, tank gauges, fire valves, sight tubes etc
  • Re-calibrate gauges
  • Water removal & pipeline purging
  • Annual tank servicing & maintenance including filter change
  • Independent oil safety consultancy
  • Home Buyers OTE Assessment, inspection & costing for potential new home buyers or new home owners who are concerned about the oil storage tank & equipment

Prices are dependant on your requirements. We offer a free site visit & no obligation quote Reviews



For pressure jet boilers we offer comprehensive servicing, repair and breakdown service

  • Annual servicing to include nozzle replacement, thorough clean of components & oil tank inspection

  • Boiler repairs

  • Call out service for breakdowns

  • OFTEC landlord oil installation check

Prices start from £75 plus vat (includes nozzle)

We like to keep you informed every step of the way

From spending the time with you during an oil storage tank assessment to talking you through what we will be carrying out on your boiler service.  We like to arm you with the right knowledge to make the safest and best decision for your home heating.

Oil fired heating equipment and appliances require regular maintenance, without this you could be putting yourself at risk of costly repairs should your system ever leak.  Many people are not fully aware of just how expensive remedial work can be should an oil spill ever happen.


"Research reveals that homeowners are more worried about a burglary claim, even though the average claim is under £2000 compared to oil leaks which can run into six figures."

Oil Storage Tank

It doesn't matter how often you have your Boiler serviced, if your oil storage tank has contaminated heating oil in it due to a small hairline crack in the tank or an ill fitting cap allowing the ingress of water, then your system will not run efficiently and could even fail.  The oil tank and ancillary equipment should be regularly checked for cracks, water and algae in the oil and correct functioning of the ancillary equipment.  These checks should be carried out at every boiler service.  The tanks filter should be changed, the oil dip tested for water and if necessary a tank clean and pipeline purge.  Make sure your boiler technician checks your tank at every annual service.  If your engineer is unable to carry out the required work then please call us and we would be happy to help.

Oil Boiler

To ensure your appliance is running safely and efficiently OFTEC recommend an annual service to be carried out.  This service should include replacement of nozzle, cleaning of internal equipment, adjustment of settings if necessary for optimum performance and safety and a final test with a calibrated analyser to show boiler burning efficiency.  A copy of this print out should be left with you for your records.  Should any other parts be required this would be in addition to the standard service.  If you've had a boiler installed and you need it commissioned we are able to provide you with this service.

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